Updates !!!

2008-03-18  Yess, we are still busy with playing at different parties !






2006-11-11  Birthday-Party Woensdrecht party pictures online

A Special party because 4 persons were celebrating the 40th Birthday. DJ's Gino D & de Kraai were playing all the hits from the past, mixing it with today's hottest hits !


2006-11-05  Danssalon 3 years anniversary party pictures online


2006-04-16  Placed a new item on the menu: World Champion News (In Dutch)

Credits goes to http://www.oranjeinduitsland.nl !!!


2006-04-16  Pictures from both days The Boog Reunion Party online !

Whow.... What a party !!! A lot of long time don't see faces, terrific atmosphere, and lot's of good music !!!! This event will return !!!!


2006-04-16  First Pictures Boog Reunion Party online !!!!


2006-03-05  Added and changed some stuff on the website !


2005-12-26  New Gallery online: Kannebuis Party in Halsteren

As always on the 26th of December, it's party @ the kannebuis in Halsteren. Look at the gallery on the pictures page.


2005-12-12  Testing and changing website


2005-11-05  Party Pictures Reggeaton Party Online !!!

Finally, there was a party organised with some real Sexy & Sensual music, and also a very exciting Dance act !!! Look at the gallery for the pictures !!!


2005-10-23  New Pictures Putse Kermis & Scootermeeting Party + New Design test

Testing new design, until some real pro's are changing this site !!!


2005-10-12  New Updates on the website... Pictures Putse Kermis & More !!!

And various sections of the site updated !!!


Gino With Mona @ Mixfreaks Party 2005


2005-04-19  Lazer history updates with new articles and soundclips

And various sections of the site updated !!!


2005-02-06  Website updated with pictures and more

Various sections of the site updated !!!


2004-11-21  Back from a big vacation !!!! :)

Various picture galleries uploaded !!!


2004-09-11  MFMPP4 @ Zillion


2004-08-28  16 Year's of La Rocca !!!

All the La Rocca Dj's were there !!! Papaya, Good Times, Marko & Philip !!! Yes this birthday party was a great party !!!



2004-08-07  Good Times @ La Rocca !!!

Also a party which will be held several times a year !!! The DJ's from the Backstage at Sunday peforming  at the mainroom !!



2004-07-31 Papaya @ La Rocca !!!

This concept has proven it's success !!! Great DJ's, great music and great atmosphere !!! Finished with great partypeople !!!



2004-07-24 David Morales visits La Rocca

Again La Rocca brought you one of the greatest DJ's !!!  And nost just for an hour or 2, buth the whole night he played the best vocal and deep house !!! Look at the pictures in the gallery !!!!

David Morales is spinning the wheels of steel @ La Rocca !!!


2004-07-10 La Rocca on Saturday... Always a Party !!!

Check pictures to see it yourself !!!



2004-07-03 Cruises to Pleasure presents Asian Delight !!!


Again they visited Antwerp, and again it was a great party !!!! With DJ's Benny Rodrigues, Natarcia, Marko, Phill and a lot  more !!! But there was more.... Cruises to Pleasure.... nothing more i can say !!! Look at the pictures !!!



2004-06-26 La Rocca party after the Cityparade in Gent


Not only at the cityparade they were present, but it was also (as usual) partytime in La Rocca itself !!!


2004-06-17 La Rocca presents... Faithless


Maxi Jazz and Sister Bliss visited La Rocca, and both of them did a live DJ set !! Were Maxi Jazz did a R&B / Hip Hop session, Sister Bliss started with some Serious Beats !!! Real uptempo Progressive House !!!

Sister Bliss @ La Rocca


2004-05-19 La Rocca presents... The History of House


Whohoo, for all the retrolovers of HouseMusic, it was a super, to hear all the great tunes from the past 15 years !!! Eric "Powa" B, Phi Phi and Zzinno had their greatest tunes with them, and the crowd was loving it !!!



2004-05-08 Zillion Party ... in the Zillion !!!! 08-05-2004


Yeah, Frank did it again... A amazing party !!! First it started in the Zillion, then everubody moved to the BBC's !!! And later it came back in the Zillion !!! Crazy as always, but everybody had a great night ! Respect !



2004-05-01 Erick Morilo visited La Rocca !!!


One of the greatest DJ's and producers of the dance scene, visited La Rocca, and it was a great party again !!!



2004-04-23 The First Tuning Bass Party in The Rainbow


The biggest party from the organisater of The House of Dance ??? It was a huge success, and a lot of people had a great time !!!



2004-04-21 Proud to be Fout Schoolparty @ Paborama 21-04-04



2004-04-11 La Rocca Special Easter Sunday !!!


Yes, and again a lot of people had to wait a while, before they were in La Rocca itself, because in no time, La Rocca was densely populated. Even when i left there was still a row with partypeople waiting for the entrance !!!. And inside it there was a massive party with guest and resident DJ's. Look at the pictures.



2004-04-03 Special Party with DJ Gino D on a Partyboat in Willemstad !!!


A special party organised by De Toog on a Partyboat in Willemstad. Me and DJ Giel from SWS Skylight were the DJ's for the "finishing touch"  !!!



2004-03-28 New La Rocca Reloaded Pictures Online


It was a big party, this night in La Rocca, so i took a lot of pictures !!! 



2004-03-20 80ies Party with DJ Gino D pictures online


Yesterday, in Bergen op Zoom an 80ies party was held, and I was the DJ with the soundsystem of Skylight !!! There were also acts from YMCA & Tavares !!! (or lookalikes ?? ) Check it out on the pictures page !



2004-03-14 La Rocca Reloaded picures online !!!


Once again some pictures online from the famous club in Belgium !!!



2004-02-22 Carnaval Pictures Online


DJ Gino D is doing something completely different. Playing some Party Music and Carnaval Music. And that's a lot different as a 80ies Party or a Dance party. Look at the picture page for pictures. All the pictures from several days are now online !!! Enjoy 46 pictures of pure fun, beer, fun and beer... and Gino D !!!




2004-02-14 70ies & 80ies Party @ Weistaar Maarsbergen online !!!


It was not only a day for lover's, but it was also a day for an 70's and 80's party at the Weistaar in Maarsbergen. DJ Gino D and Evert were performing, and after a litlebit slow start (which party doesn't begin slowly ?) the party was running at full speed !!! Look at the pictures page !




2004-02-08 New La Rocca Reloaded Pictures online !!!


Again i visited La Rocca (The Place to be !!!). And again it was worth visiting it. Great progressive sounds in the main room and great mellow groovy club tracks in the backstage !!!




2004-02-01 Mixfreaks party 2004 was again a party for the real Mixfreaks!!!


For the 3rd time in history, the Mixfreaks held their Mixfreaks Party at Partycentre Lunenburg in Loosbroek (near Den Bosch). And again it was a terrific party, with great DJ's as DJ Ed, DJ Hysterical, DJ Sandstorm and Ben Liebrand. There was also a Dance Classics contest. For more info visit the Mixfreaks at http://www.mixfreaks.nl  Look at the pictures page, for some nice shoots !!!




2004-01-19 8FM 80ies Party @ Maaspoort in Den Bosch with Ben Liebrand !!!


Radio 8FM held there second 80ies Party at the Maaspoort in Den Bosch. And again DJ Ben Liebrand was the DJ of this great event. Back once again, He's  the Disco Master, Super Duper Ghetto Blaster, Pump the rhythm, beats go faster !!!

Yeah, the best 80ies (and some 90ies) perfecly mixed by the Legend !!! Next year we will go again to this great event !!! ( Saturday  15 januari 2005 ) Look also to the pictures !!!



2004-01-11 Thunderdance in Ossendrecht !!!


The first houseparty of the year in Ossendrecht. Again organised by house of Dance  A new location (again), and a new concept. It was a great success. Dj's Pat B, Kobuz and Me were giving the people what it asked: Trance, Hardtrance, Hardstyle and Oldskool / Retro House !!! Everyone was enjoying it !! Look at the pictures if you don't believe it !!



2004-01-01 La Rocca Reveiilon Party : Counting to the new year...


La Rocca is every year giving a lot of succesfull party's at the end of the year. The Reveillon Party is the party, where everybody is counting to the new year, with great music in a great atmosphere, and nice drinks and tasty snacks and goodies !!! Look at the pictures page, for some nice shoots ! Happy New Year !!!



2003-12-30 La Rocca legendary Sunday's party pictures online.


La Rocca is one of the few clubs, which had not success on Saturday's, but also on Friday's (R&B, Disco & Soul) and the legendary Sundays !!! DJ Marko & different guests are giving a lot of people a perfect Sunday night !!! This Sunday the 28th of December was the guest DJ from La Rocca itself, DJ Steven. After playing a great set, Marko was continuing the party !!! Look at the pictures for yourself,  and next time you are also present at Sunday !! ;)



2003-12-27 The First Lazer Club Night was a great success !!!


After a time period of 8 year's the Lazer Club Nights are back. The first was held at the Shaft in Lommel at the 26th of December. And it was a great success. Especially because it was in the holiday's. But the retro sounds of the Lazer DJ's and DJ Philip (La Rocca & Shaft resident) were highly appreciated by the party people at Shaft. Look at the pictures for this party. For more pictures visit www.lazerhothits.com or www.shaft.be 



2003-12-13 La Rocca Reloaded Pictures Online


Again some La Rocca Reloaded pictures online. And again is was a terrrific atmosphere and Dj's Jack & Philip were playing great housemusic !!!



2003-11-23  Pay & Go Groove City Pictures Online


An amazing great party, which was held in the Brussels Kart Expo. A lot of famous DJ's were playing the greatest House & Techno Tunes, among them:  Kevin Saunderson, David Morales, Bob Sinclar,  Dave Angel and more !!!



2003-11-17  Combimix John Kerstens Online


John Kerstens has made a terrific combimix named Last Night A Crazy DJ Saved My Life. He included in his mix Britney Spears, indeep, MC Sar & The Real McCoy and some samples !!! You can download this mix HERE. If you like to give some comments, just mail me or John himself !!!



2003-11-16  Ruud & Co's Discoshow at Le Magnifique pictures online


A crazy night with a lot of glitter and Disco !!! They started as the Blues Brothers...i think this will say enough ;)



2003-11-09  La Rocca Reloaded Pictures Online


A very nice party this night, with special guest DJ's as Tofke were playing in La Rocca, because some people were celebrating their birthday's !!! 




2003-11-02  30th Birthday Party at De Roskam in Putte


Some people were celebrating together that they had or have their 30th Birthday



2003-10-12  Cruises to Pleasures Pictures Online


Once Again, the party on the boats in Antwerp were amazing

DJ's as Marko and Erick E were giving you a super atmosphere



2003-10-03  Mollerlyceum Party Pictures Online


The firstclassers of the Mollerlyceum school held a party in Halsteren, and I was one of the DJ's !!! 



2003-10-03  Again a lot of new releases at Rebel Grooves


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2003-09-21  30th Birthday Party Pictures online


This day Thalia had her 30th Birthday Party held in The Old Dutch Hotel in Bergen op Zoom. Nice 80ies music mixed with the dance music from the 90ies and the hits from now !!! It was a great party !


2003-09-16  La Rocca Reloaded Pictures Online


Again, DJ Philip and DJ Jack were making this La Rocca Saturday a special event !!!



2003-09-07 Sensatie Ossendrecht was a big success !!!


For the second time this year, a Houseparty was held in Ossendrecht. Yep, the small village in West Brabant. And again it was a enormous hit !!! 


2003-08-31 Gino :D and Lazer were also celebrating 15 Years La Rocca !!!


Lazer was also there to record the Celebration of 15 Years La Rocca. And what a massive party it was !!! Look to the  pictures and decide yourself, La Rocca is still the place to be !!!


2003-08-27 Gino :D on Radio Saffier 


Every friday you can hear the hottest House Classix from 1989 till 2000 on Radio Saffier 104.1 from 20:00 till 22:00 !!! 


2003-08-17 New La Rocca Pictures online !!!. 


2003-08-08 A new picture page is added: The various section


This will contain pictures of me, friends etc. Just pics which will not fit in the other area's !!! I've placed one picture of me, playing on a private party, with the SA soundsystem of Skylight !!!



2003-08-04 Visited Radio Park. 


The 23rd of August is the start of the new show, which will contain the all the Retro House which also played on Lazer, and more offcourse !!! I made also some pictures of the studios of Park and BRO. Park is broadcasting with the new high tech system called Carmen !!


2003-07-31 Press Release: 


DJ Gino :D soon on Radio Park with a weekly mix of the best retro house. Every Saturday night 22:00 - 01:00  More info will follow soon !!!







2003-07-31 New Releases of Banshee Worx now available in Record Store Rebel Grooves !!! 



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2003-07-27 La Rocca pictures, Mix DJ Gino :D and Lazer History 



Just click on the Pictures, DJ Gino D or the Lazer History link, and let me known for example if you see yourself on the pictures, or did you liked my Mix.


2003-07-24 New DJ Gino :D website online

welcome to the brand new website of DJ Gino D. Soon it will contain all the info about the History of Lazer Hot Hits 1991-1994, DJ Ginohimself and the Mixfreaks !!! So stay tuned for more !